Automation of production processes is now an essential part of any production line. The quality and reliability of production mainly depend on high quality design, the choice of the most reliable solution in the time of constantly changing technologies and standard methods. This approach will ensure the greatest reliability of the manufacturer but also the flexibility in changing market conditions.

Industrial automation includes the analysis of production process, design of hardware solution, software of process level, visualization and communication solutions. Our solutions are based on long-term experiences from various industries and types of production. Continuous or discrete production processes, but also discrete and slower productions. Operating economy and the different levels of monitoring and control based on local management systems and central monitoring and control centers. Bi-directional data transferring into information management company levels, possibility of choice and comparison of different manufacturers of hardware and software solutions. Remote diagnostics, remote administration, central control system. Every year we design and implement new productions and production lines. We have the strongest knowledge and experiences in the the areas mentioned in the Branches.