References of the company operating in the field of projection and realization electro-business become the basis criterion in a customer's decision very often. Knowledge and persistence are decisive factors in this sector. IS - Industry Solutions, Inc. meets these criteria in all ways. The company provides solutions for medium, large, domestic and foreign projects, for just electric projects or combined with other branches into a compact unit; for highly specified, based on its own development, but also for projects which seem to be simple, but are time, capacity and logistics consuming in real.

References and experiences of IS - Industry Solutions, Inc.  can be devided as follows:

  1. Projects which have been carried out since the establishment of the company in 2013
  2. Implementation of projects in co-operation with Siemens and VATECH ELIN EBG companies. A significant part of the workforce of IS - Industry Solutions Inc. worked in both these companies. References are from 2001 to 2013.
  3. Personal and professional experiences of emplyees, which stretch back to the times of formation of a free electro-technical market in Slovakia and beginning of a mass automatization in production processes – since 1990.