The added value in the field of the industrial infrastructure is understanding and perception of manufacturing as the basis of the production plant. Infrastructure is subordinate to the requirements of production, not vice versa. A comprehensive solution can be surprisingly easy, based on modern technologies.

The operation of the factory must be primarily reliable and safe. This largely depends on the experienced option of the main supply, distribution point and other elements of the plant distribution system.

Drives control, system design, gearbox, engine, frequency converter (or transformer) are now essential elements for controlling of the operation in mainly continuous processes of production lines - paper, chipboard, steel sheet as well as large drives - extruders, crushers, rotary kilns, etc. Their proposal is to a significant extent influenced by ratio between investments and saved costs, increased quality and quantity of production.

Technological switchgears are now the main power and control elements of production technology. They contain the most important part of the power and control of technological lines and are an essential part of our complex deliveries. Therefore, its development, design and production are carried out in our own assembly hall. This allows us to perform individual tests, control tests or simulation tests before the delivery.

The design and selection of active and passive elements of measurement and regulation are based on requirements and parameters of the production technology. The main attribute are parameters of the media and the type of the production and the environment. The selection of measuring methods, product design, precision, data conversion, reliability and the manufacturer have a key role in the design nowadays. Comprehensive solutions and knowledge of technology in some sectors enable us to select and to propose the best option for production and for customer.

Technological power distribution can be proposed in different levels of flexibility and reliability. This depends on the particular manufacturing needs and on its supposed variations.

Automation of production processes is now an essential part of any production line. The quality and reliability of production mainly depend on high quality design, the choice of the most reliable solution in the time of constantly changing technologies and standard methods. This approach will ensure the greatest reliability of the manufacturer but also the flexibility in changing market conditions.