Wood processing

Wood processing and paper industry are considered as basic, traditional and first kind of industry in Slovakia. Our ambition is to provide services to various producers and processors in this scope of business. The main crux of the knowledge is focused on the field of automatization of production processes and technological electro-infrastructure in co-operation with the whole electricity network in a plant.

  • debarking, chipping, shredding, preparation, transport, storage, sorting, drying, glue kitchen, adhesive coating, laminating, level presses, Contiroll, sawing, grinding, finishing, veneering, sparks extinguishing, heating-up, dust exhaustion, rotary scissors for paper
  • complex electrical parts of chipboard lines, including the control system: DTD, MDF, OSB, HDF, TDTD, KT, floor lines
  •   saws, checking and sorting of boards
  • lines for bonding of wood, wood dryer
  • preparation of cellulose