Our solutions are applied in particular in the following sectors:


Wood processing and paper industry are considered as basic, traditional and first kind of industry in Slovakia. Our ambition is to provide services to various producers and processors in this scope of business. The main crux of the knowledge is focused on the field of automatization of production processes and technological electro-infrastructure in co-operation with the whole electricity network in a plant.

Chemical and rubber industry is the cornerstone of industrial production here. Our effort is to keep natural competitiveness through quality solutions, access and service.

Power plants, combined gas cycle and other production and distribution of energy, energy self-sufficiency, production of electricity from alternative sources – we offer solutions for their own consumption, power output, production of electrical and thermal energy in the production from conventional, but also from alternative sources of electricity.

We offer a comprehensive supply of electrical-parts, monitoring and control of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the public and industrial sector, process water treatment and drinking water treatment.

Cement mills, production of concrete mixtures, etc.

Complex solutions of buildings - electrical installation, lighting, electronic building security, electronic fire safety systems, earthing, lightning rod, interconnections, backup systems, camera systems, wireless, synchronous time etc.

Monitoring of highways and main roads operations

In automobile industry we provide the following services:

  • Building electric energy
  • Distribution of EHV/LV
  • Automatization of body shop